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We are all learning how to do ministry in a new generation. In recent years, increasing numbers of Episcopalians in their 20s and 30s have been serving in leadership roles in congregations, on college campuses, in local justice movements, in new Christian communities, and through a year of mission service.

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All About WMU Lutheran Episcopal Campus Ministries at Western Michigan University

Lutheran - Episcopal Campus Ministries is an ecumenical ministry of the Lutheran (ELCA) and Episcopal (ECUSA) denominations. Our ministry seeks to reach out to all who struggle with questions of faith through conversation, study, worship, fellowship and social service. All these are aspects of the life of faith. We look to help individuals develop their own self-understandings of the world and their place in it, whether they are Christians, non-Christians, people of faith or no faith. We believe that conversation among those who differ in opinion and outlook makes everyone stronger in their own identities and convictions.

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All About Hope College Chaplaincy/Young Adult Ministry

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    Reflections from Kindling: Young Adult and Campus Ministry Training 2015

by Kellan Day, Young Adult Missioner, Grand Rapids

At the end of June, I trekked out to Salt Lake City for the Kindling training that was offered during the gathering of the 78th General Convention. Kindling is an annual conference and training session offered for those who work with young adults and on college campuses. It is potentially the one time a year that Campus Ministers have embodied colleagues (we connect via social media and conference calls multiple times a year though). While in Salt Lake City, we relished our time together and spent much of it in small groups: sharing ideas, discussing innovative ministries, lamenting mishaps, and finding energy by being around folks who share a common vocation and experience.

Our training was largely focused around community development and inviting young adults into authentic relationships (rather than marketing to young adults for the sake of parish/ministry growth). In order to explore these topics further, we heard from the Rev. Tom Brackett (Missioner for New Church Starts and Mission Initiatives) and the Rev. Winnie Varghese (voting secretary at the General Convention). Fr. Brackett discussed the nuances of “the Beloved Community” - how to create it, maintain it, and share it with young adults. Here’s a hint: the gift and key to developing beloved communities revolves around friendships, small gatherings, meals in a home, and learning to be known. The Rev. Winnie Varghese shared the story of her call to ordained ministry, her passion for social advocacy, and what it means to strengthen communities by encouraging and cultivating diversity.

Additionally, we had a chance to sit in on some important legislative sessions during the General Convention, have open conversations concerning racial reconciliation, and were encouraged to develop friendships with one another. I met many, many enthusiastic and gifted campus ministers who are doing great work across the church - we should be encouraged by their work! And I was strengthened, myself, in creating new connections with colleagues. I am thankful to the Diocese of Western Michigan for their commitment to young adult and campus ministry - it is good work and we, as the church, must continue to support such endeavors.

For more information about campus ministry initiatives and our young adult community in the Diocese of Western Michigan, please feel free to contact me by clicking here now. I am happy to share further stories with you all. I am thankful for your continued support and prayers.

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How To Begin Thinking About Campus/Young Adult Ministry
by Gennie Callard, Bishop's Assistant for Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Chances are you have a college campus in your area, either near your parish or somewhat close by. With so many colleges (community colleges, tech school, traditional four year colleges and large universities) in our area, we have an opportunity to reach out to many people who are in a transitional time of their lives.

How are you connecting with the students, staff and faculty?

  • Go to the administration office and ask what the requirements are for outsiders to visit the campus.
  • Ask if you can be a part of the orientation or whatever the days are for new students. If you can, set up a table and welcome people.
  • Have flyers or brochures with your location, website, Facebook page, hours of operation, phone number, and worship times.
  • Hand out chocolate, coffee, cookies, apples or anything that will help people feel comfortable of this confusing day.
  • Create a big sign that says "How Can We Pray for You?" Gather people's prayers and include those prayers in next Sunday's prayers of the people.
  • Create "Prayers-to go - write prayers on a piece of paper (something from the Book of Common prayer would be nice) and hand them out to people. Or, if you want to be really creative, write a simple prayer on a Popsicle stick or a wooden clothes pin ("You are loved - from St. Swithen's Episcopal Church").  
  • When you talk to people, don't try to sell them anything, think of this as outreach. God is already in their lives (whether they know it or not), it's our job to let God be seen radiating from our lives. Many of these people are away from home, or doing something on their own for the first time. Be kind, be loving, and be there to build a relationship with them - even if the sum total of the relationship is your meeting with them that day.