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Many people worship God in the Episcopal Church because they love the beauty of our liturgy and the depth of our worldwide Anglican tradition...not only on Sunday mornings but throughout the week.

This section provides quick access to a wide variety of resources for both collective and individual worship, including the many supporting roles that make our tradition so meaningful today. If you'd like to add something to this resource page, please click here now to send an e-mail suggestion. Or call the Diocesan office at (269) 381-2710 for further assistance.

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Worship Resources in Alphabetical Order

For faster reference, simply click on a topic below to go directly to that section:

Altar Guild Resources
Bulletin Resources
Church Supplies
Lectionary Resources
Liturgical Resources
Liturgical Roles
Miscellaneous Resources
Music Resources
Personal Worship Resources
Prayer Resources
Scriptural Resources
Seasonal Worship
Special Liturgies
Youth in Worship Services

Altar Guild Resources

National Altar Guild:
Handbook for Altar Guilds (PDF) -
The Complete Training Course for Altar Guilds (Book) -
Altar Guild Handbook from the Episcopal Diocese of Texas -
Verger’s Guild of the Episcopal Church:
The Church Partner:
The International Order of St. Vincent:

Bulletin Resources

Episcopal Life Online Bulletin Inserts:

Church Supplies

Michigan Church Supply (based in Grand Rapids)
CM Almy
Cokesbury Church Supplies:

Lectionary Resources

Episcopal Lectionary and Calendar:
The Daily Office:
Commentary on the Lectionary (Anglican tradition):


Liturgical Resources

Book of Common Prayer Online:
The Worship Well:
The Rite Series (Liturgical Library):
Standing Committee on Liturgy and Music in the Episcopal Church:


Miscellaneous Resources

Anglican Communion (Home):
Episcopal Sermon Resources:
Sermon Central:


Prayer Resources

Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
West Michigan Diocese Cycle of Prayer: EDWM Cycle of Prayer
Rev. Rebecca’s Explanation and Guide to All Things Anglican:


Rite for Welcoming the Newly Confirmed, Received, Reaffirmed (PDF)

Scriptural Resources

Online Scripture (multiple translations):
Oremus Bible Browser:
Audio Bible (multiple versions):
Hebrew Bible (Old Testament):
Greek Bible (New Testament):
Latin Bible (Vulgate):

Seasonal Worship
Posada Navideña
Pentecost for Children from Weaving God's Promises