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The 144th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan will take place November 2-3 in Downtown Lansing.

As this site is under construction, all information about the upcoming convention is available via the Call to Convention and all other communications listed below. Thank you for your patience.

Previous Communications

June 15 - Details ahead of the Convention delivered to delegates, clergy, parish leaders, and more.

August 15 - The Call to Convention includes information on registration, schedule, nominations, resolutions, and more.

September 7 - Bishop Hougland offers updates for convention, conversation with Eastern Michigan



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Convention Business

Constitution and Canons, Updated Convention 2017

2019 Budget

Resolution 1 - Parish Vitality and Viability Assessment

Resolution 2 - Furthering the Jesus Movement in Western Michigan

- Resolution Supporting Documents:
   - The Jesus Movement

Resolution 3 - Amend Section 28.01 of Title II of the Canons of the Diocese of Western Michigan

-  Resolution Supporting Documents:
    - Audit Policy passed by Diocesan Council in September 2018
    - Audit Policy criteria for compliance

Resolution 4 - (Second Reading) Constitution Change - Composition of Convention

Candidates for Election - Updated 10/4
-   The regions will elect representatives to the Diocesan Council.
-   The convention will elect 2 clergy people, 1 lay person to the Standing Committee.
-   Click here to submit a nomination.